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Buy AND Sell Properties In The State Of Florida

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Are You A Licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker?

If you are licensed, no matter what State (as long as your state law allows referral fee’s to be paid) you can make money with us by referring your investor buyers and/or sellers to us!

No matter if they buy (or sell) One or Fifty properties, you will ALWAYS make a referral fee based on that particular transaction they complete. (Again you State laws, and your Broker, must allow for these types of transactions). WE WANT YOU TO MAKE MONEY!!!

In fact the more you make, the happier we are because we are making some right alongside you! We gladly pay you a 20% fee based on the purchase price, with a minimum of $500.00 (some deals may just be that low priced is why and we want you to make something for your referral that is worthwhile to you).

When you’re happy and making money, we’re getting referrals, which means investors are getting deals for them, the community and economies benefit from all our work and of course you get paid in that process!

You can also request to add your own Off Market wholesale properties to our list and we will send them to our extensive investor and agent lists. *You must have the ability to market and sell that property – in other words – a legal interest that allows you to sell.

Are You Sure You Can Legally Pay Me A Commission?

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Everything we do is 100% legal, ethical and morally correct!

Here’s why – Either we, Time Value Assets LLC, as a Principle in the transaction are paying you (You – meaning you are a legally licensed real estate agent/broker in your jurisdiction) for your services, or it will be through MORE Realty Services LLC, (if your customer is referred through a MLS listed property(s) we’ve posted).

As stated above, your State laws and Broker just have to allow for inter/intra-State referral fees. If so, then you will be getting fees for EACH transaction your referral completes. It is really that simple!

We will provide you a form, (after talking to you personally), verify that you have an ACTIVE real estate license in your appropriate licensing jurisdiction that allows for you to receive commissions and/or referral fee(s), and then we will enroll you directly into our Real Estate Agent Referral Program!

Please Note – This is for LICENSED Real Estate Agents/Brokers – we do not pay “Bird Dog Fees”. Legal Note – It is a third degree felony to act and/or operate as a real estate licensee if you do not have an ACTIVE real estate license.

About this form

Honestly, if you have a problem answering these few questions you will not be a fit for our Network since after I contact you I will be asking you for much more data so that we can work together in finding suitable assets that we can profit from as partners.

About your privacy

We will not share your personal information with anyone, at anytime, for any reason (except as lawfully commanded by a court of proper jurisdiction).

About Time Value Assets

We are not offering legal, accounting, real property, business or other advice.

Donald Johnson, a Principle Member of the Managing LLC is a Licensed Real Broker in the State of Florida. He is not representing you or acting as a licensee in any capacity in this transaction with you. You are advised by Donald Johnson to seek legal and/or accounting counsel before investing into any concern.

Time Value Assets LLC is NOT a registered real estate brokerage and it IS a Principle in the LLC holding the Contract to Purchase as an asset. Time Value Assets LLC does NOT represent you, it is working solely for it’s own protection and profits.


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